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Screenshot from The Flood

The Brave Boy and the Evil Warrior (English): A terrifying army wreaks havoc across the land, a small group of God-fearing men set off under the leadership of their king to confront them. Tested by the Almighty at a river, the king finds that his army has been whittled down to just over three hundred men. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, for they face not just any army but a true weapon of mass destruction. Would you want to face the evil warrior?

DOWNLOAD:: * Flash file (.exe): The Brave Boy (English)


Learning the alphabet (English): Learn the alphabet by listening to the sounds of the letters with picture association of an object with each letter.

DOWNLOAD:: * Flash file (.exe): Learning the alphabet (English)


Learning shapes (English): Program about flat (2D) shapes. Several shapes and some of their properties are presented.

DOWNLOAD:: * Flash file (.exe): Learning flat shapes (English)


Learning to count (English): Simple presentation of English numbers from 0 to 20.

DOWNLOAD:: * Flash file (.exe): Learning to count 0-20 (English)


The Flood: The story of the Flood has been narrated in various scriptures. Presented here is the story of the first Messenger of Allah, Nuh (Noah), alaihi-salaam (upon him be peace) and the great calamity that befel those who opposed his message.

DOWNLOAD:: * Flash file (.exe): The Flood

The Flood Lesson plan: Weekly plan Worksheet(s): worksheet1 :: answers sheet (Word format)


The story of Zam-zam: Recounts the story of how Ibrahim (Abraham) alaihi-salaam (upon him be peace), left his wife and child in a barren valley upon the command of his Lord.

DOWNLOAD:: * Flash file (.exe): The story of Zam-zam


The Journey of Knowledge: Based upon the narration found in Sahih Al-Bukhari, charting the amazing journey that the slave and messenger of Allah, Musa (Moses) alaihi-salaam (upon him be peace) took.

DOWNLOAD:: * Flash file (.exe): The Journey of Knowledge

Flash cards: Q and A cards (pdf format)


Learning to count (Arabic): Simple presentation of Arabic numbers from 0 to 10. Made in 2001.

DOWNLOAD:: * Flash file (.exe): Learning to count (Arabic)


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Screenshot from The Brave Boy and the Evil Warrior

Screenshot from Learning shapes

Screenshot from Learning to count

Screenshot from The story of Zam-zam

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