The Nabataeans

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* Nabataeans Unit. Age group: 9 to 11 years old (UK - Year 5/6). Length of unit 6-8 weeks.

Scheme of work (SOW): The Nabataeans

Useful resources for the unit (refer to the scheme of work for details):

* Glossary of historical terms info sheet.

* Photographs of al-Khazneh (the Treasury) at Petra, Jordan.

* Photographs of tombs at Madain Saleh in Saudi Arabia.

* Nabataean coins information sheet.

* Nabataean gods & beliefs information sheet.

* Nabataean (writing) script sheet.

* Nabataean traders info sheet.

* Map of Nabataean sites and terrain pictures.

* Nabataean worksheet 1.

* Petra information sheet.

* Petra video clip worksheet and Petra video clip worksheet answers.

* Petra worksheet 2 and Petra worksheet 2 answers.

* Nabataean beliefs PowerPoint presentation (.ppt)

* The Nabataeans PowerPoint presentation (.ppt)

* End of unit test and End of unit test answers.

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Inside a Nabataean tomb at Madain Saleh, KSA

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